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Structuring Your Essay: Choosing an Organizational Pattern

After you finish gathering information for an essay, you might find yourself asking, now what? The next step in the writing process is organizing all of your interesting material....(more)

Write Like a Pro: Tips for a Well Written Essay

The ability to write correctly and persuasively is a vital skill necessary in any profession. Learning to write an essay can help you understand the basics of how to structure an argument and use language properly....(more)

Making it Interesting: Sample Descriptive Paragraphs

Remember this opening line? "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times �" That was the first sentence from the opening paragraph of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities". What makes this sample descriptive paragraph so effective is that nearly everyone has heard that line Ð even if they have never read the book or don't know where the line came from. Descriptive paragraphs are key to many types of prose, from essays and reports to writing fiction or biographies. Descriptive paragraphs not only capture the readers' attention, they hold it. But sometimes less is more Ð too many adjectives and adverbs, for example, can lose the reader just as easily. So if you're trying to determine that fine line between descriptive, compelling writing vs. cheap literary tricks, check out the below sites....(more)

Persuasive Essay Topics and How To Choose A Good One For Your Essay

The technical aspects of writing a persuasive essay are easy to master. Most persuasive essays follow a standard five paragraph essay format. The essay begins with an introduction, which includes the writer's thesis statement. The body of the paragraph provides evidence which supports the writer's argument and dispels the opposing viewpoint. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the entire essay and ties it up in a neat package. Yes, writing a persuasive essay is pretty easy. Choosing a good topic, however, can be challenging....(more)


Once Over: Proofreading Examples

Doing a once over on a paper before turning it in really makes sense. When it comes to editing the English language, it can be hard to tackle the topic and get the writing to flow properly while also meeting all of the requirements of grammar. It's best to go back over your work to look for potential mistakes. With a few proofreading examples, you will be able to spot some of the most common mistakes people make....(more)

Best Sites for Editing Tips Online

Writing is an important life skill that is still a much needed service despite the advent of technology and the internet. Some say it is becoming a lost art as many depend on this technology to perfect their writing. Editing and proofreading is a huge part of successful writing. Unfortunately, even with spell check, documents are still printed and published with spelling and grammatical errors. For proper editing, you must know how to quickly check for formatting issues, spacing issues, typos, and spelling and grammatical errors. The following are some sites that contain editing tips that will assist in the review process....(more)

Sentence Editing Tips

Writing is a method of communication that combines text, symbols, and punctuation marks to express a common idea. Often times, English teachers will give their students a specific topic for writing an essay. While it's important to focus on the main idea of the paper, sentence structure is often neglected in an attempt to meet strict deadlines. Consider the following tips on how to write better as you learn about sentence editing....(more)


The State of War for English Composition Best Essays

In order to write effectively on the subject of the state of war, one must review the essays of two of the most prolific political philosophers in modern history: John Locke, author of "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding," and Thomas Hobbes, who wrote "Leviathan." Each of these two men wrote compellingly on the subjects of natural law, the human condition and the role of government as it relates to the lives of the governed.Locke and Hobbes had very different opinions on the characteristics of man and the purpose and role of government in the lives of men. It is important, therefore, to examine their differences when writing about them....(more)

MLA Essentials: Research Paper Checklist

MLA, the Modern Language Association's guidelines for academic writing, helps you format your paper and cite your sources in an organized, standardized way. Use this research paper checklist to ensure you've followed the basic MLA rules before turning in your assignment....(more)

Expository Writing: Strategies to Inform

Expository writing, sometimes referred to as explanatory writing, provides readers with information about ideas, theories, and processes. The purpose of this style of writing is not only to inform your audience, but also to sharpen your skills as a critical reader and to develop strategies on approaching all types of explanatory writing. Because these strategies are vital to conveying your topic fully, you should know what they are and how they are used....(more)

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