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Writing Guides

Improve Your Writing: Following the Five Step Process

The writing process is a five step guide that helps writers produce their best possible work. It allows writers to brainstorm, organize, and compose their ideas, and then to reflect and proofread when the initial draft is complete. Following the steps does take time, but the results are worth the...(more)

Understanding the Elements of Audience Analysis

Before creating any written piece, you as the author must decide on who will be the target audience for your essay and what your purpose is for writing. An essay will only be effective if it makes some sort of impact on the audience. There are a few facets of...(more)

Make Your Story Pop with Descriptive Writing

Creating a story that excites readers is no easy task. It takes more than a good idea or good writing to make a story truly exciting; it takes an entire universe. Though it may sound odd at first, seeing as how there doesn't seem to be more than writing in...(more)

Examples of Slogans

A slogan is a short phrase created to get attention, motivate, or support a cause, candidate, or product. Slogans are advertising and marketing tools, and a good slogan can generate millions of dollars in sales or rally millions of supporters. A slogan must be easy to remember and instantly recognizable....(more)

Research Papers

The English Language Glottal Stop

In some English words certain letters have many characteristics and pronunciations, based on their use. For example, the letter t in the word knit sounds different from the the double t in bitter, which in-turn, sounds different than the double t in mitten - which seems to lose its t sound almost entirely. That loss of definition, in linguistic terms, is known as the glottal stop. It's a phonetic affectation that can help discern a person's place of origin and even age. The following list can help you understand the speaker and can offer perspective if you're working on a research paper....(more)

The Major Components of an Inverted Pyramid Press Release

A press release or news release is a short document which organizations provide to mediums such as newspapers, radio stations, and television stations so that the media is able to inform the public about a specific piece of news. The point of these short releases are to catch a journalist's attention so that your news is chosen for presentation over the news of another company (most media outlets receive many press releases within a day). Therefore, a press release must be no longer than a page and contain short paragraphs, including only several sentences each. It must also be written in an inverted pyramid style, which means it will begin with the most important news and continue on to the least important news. Continue reading below to find out about the five major components of an inverted pyramid press release....(more)

Academic Terms: Research Paper Definition

If you are just starting your higher education, you will usually need an introductory course to get to know all the terms and procedures at a university. It is always useful to be familiar with the requirements of the professors and it makes your work easier. Research papers can be quite difficult to write depending on the topic, so it is better if you have a good idea of what you need to include and how to express yourself. Read the paragraphs below and learn more about the definition of research paper and some main writing rules....(more)

History of Writing

The Basics Of Writing in Associated Press Style

Associated Press style, or AP style, is a specific set of writing guidelines for journalists. The style guide provides consistent usage rules in the areas of spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and language....(more)

Distinguishing the Faces of Contrast: Dramatic, Situational, and Verbal Irony

Irony is one literary device authors employ in their writing. It is less frequently used than other techniques such as symbolism or conflict, and it is often more tricky to identify if it is naturally woven into the plot. Within this category are three main types: dramatic, situational, and verbal....(more)

Four Types of Heroes You Might Find in Literature

Superman, Batman, Spider-man, and Iron Man are classic superheroes. They have superhuman powers and strengths, and emerge victorious in the final epic battle. Men want to be them and women swoon over them. However, these characters are just a small sampling of who could represent a literary hero....(more)

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