5 Bad Writing Habits to Avoid

It can be challenging to express yourself in writing, particularly in academic or professional settings. You want your writing to sound thoughtful and articulate without being (MORE)

Working Through Writer's Block

Many writers suffer from writer's block. Part of the problem is that it's "all in your head," and isn't something you can treat with medication. You are just unable (MORE)

Creating Believable Dialogue For Your Stories

Many writers have trouble learning how to write believable dialogue for their characters. The trouble is, real dialogue is far different from fictional dialogue. People speak (MORE)

5 Myths About Writing Dialogue

Writing dialogue is easy, right? You just copy down what people say, slap "he said" at the end, and move on to the next line. Unfortunately, it's a bit more complica (MORE)

Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

When asked this question, I typically say something off the cuff, like "Ideas.com" or "eBay." The truth is, there is no mystical source of ideas floating a (MORE)